DLs, FLs and Common Sense Reasoning

keywords: AI, Reasoning, Description Logics, Feature Logics

I have been working in various forms of knowledge representation and reasoning all of my career.  My sentiments are captured well by the following quote:

The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated. Without external aids, memory, thought, and reasoning are all constrained. But human intelligence is highly flexible and adaptive, superb at inventing procedures and objects that overcome its own limits. The real powers come from devising external aids that enhance cognitive abilities. How have we increased memory, thought, and reasoning? By the inventions of external aids: It is things that make us smart.

– Donald Norman, [Things that make us smart]

In this blog section I am placing discussions of some technologies that I find exciting that I have worked on. Some are:

  • Polyontology - aligning multiple ontologies for related but distinct audiences (such as pre-clinical vs. clinical safety scientists researching drugs under development)
  • Description Logics, OWL, etc.
  • Feature Logics
  • Logic Programming
  • NLP including construction grammars