Syntax error messages

SYNTAX 1 Error using operators.

The term you have typed does not conform to the Prolog language syntax. Check for spelling errors or incomplete or invalid terms.

SYNTAX 2 Atom or variable name too long.

The length of an atom or variable name exceeds 255 characters. Shorten the name of the atom or variable in your program.

SYNTAX 3 Error in list syntax.

There is missing or inappropriate punctuation for a list. Correctly enter the list.

SYNTAX 4 Error in database ref token.

You have made an error in entering a database reference. Database references are entered using a tilde (~) followed by eight hexadecimal digits.

SYNTAX 5 Right snip (!]) not found where expected.

You have entered a term that contains a left snip ([!) without a matching right snip (!]).

SYNTAX 6 Invalid punctuation character.

You have entered a punctuation character that is inappropriate and cannot be translated. Correctly enter the term.

SYNTAX 7 Precedence error using operators.

The Prolog reader is not able to determine the precedence of operators within a clause. Use parentheses to disambiguate the expression.

SYNTAX 8 Right brace not found where expected.

The term has a left brace ({) without a corresponding right brace (}). Correct the term.

SYNTAX 9 Right paren not found where expected.

The term has a left parenthesis "(" without a corresponding right parenthesis ")". Correct the term.

SYNTAX 10 Invalid numeric entry.

A number has been entered in an invalid format. For instance, specifying 12E1099 would cause this error message since 1099 is beyond the upper limit for scientific notation format