Installing Arity/Prolog32

Prerequisite software (to link applications or to create DLLs)

Zipped distribution of Arity/Prolog32

Operating system environment variables

Arity/Prolog32 leaves no registry dust.

The Arity/Prolog32 tools use environment variables to locate resources. Assuming that you installed the tools at C:\ArityProlog32, you would normally add the following to your System Environment variables (accessed in Windows 10 from the "Advanced system settings" tab in "Control Panel\System and Security\System"):

  • C:\ArityProlog32\BIN to your PATH variable
  • C:\ArityProlog32\LIB to your LIB variable
  • C:\ArityProlog32\INCLUDE to your INCLUDE variable

API32.ENV file


You must set the following Arity/Prolog32 start-up environment file variable for running the interpreter in "vanilla mode." The old DOS based windowing predicates are not supported in Windows 10.