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Peter L. Gabel, President, Headspace Sprockets, LLC.

About Me

I’m a technologist and serial entrepreneur with Bachelors' and Masters' Degrees from MIT in Interdisciplinary Science. "Interdisciplinary" characterizes me well as my interests and activities have spanned traditional divisions throughout my professional life. Innovation often arises from applying the insights and models from one field to another.

For me, programming is a way of expressing ideas arising from Cognitive Science and Linguistics mixed with models from many sources but particularly from mathematics and physics. Most of my AI research is in computational linguistics including construction grammars and the interface to situation semantics. Other recent work has led to innovations in geospatial inference, big data workflow, and audio processing.

Artificial Intelligence
Headspace Sprockets, LLC.


My current company is Headspace Sprockets, LLC. which provides consultation and development on geospatial reasoning, statistical sampling, and big data workflow management. Other key activities are in ontology, computational linguistics, and reasoning systems development.


My far-flung interests extend to my personal life from birding and hiking with my wife to Ham Radio (callsign AI4QA, Extra Class; accredited VE; Trustee for the local ham club callsign N4CRC; ARES) and astronomy. I also volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Current Work

Our upcoming product, Astonish.AI, provides the structure to keep you organized. Digital agents to do “legwork,” incorporating new data with integrity so you are prepared for what’s next. Coming soon. Sign up on the contact page to be a beta tester.


Full-stack development, C, JavaScript, Prolog, Assembly, Julia (plus some Python, R, MATLAB, et al.) Sign-Based Construction Grammar. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning. Compiler and Interpreter implementation. SQL, MongoDB, and Graph DBs.

My Blog

Topic Areas Include:

  • Big Data
  • Reasoning and Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • AI, NLP, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Logic Programming and Prolog/64
  • Applications as if Cognitive Science Matters
  • Numerical Methods
  • Programming
  • Recommended References
  • Miscellaneous Posts

My posts reflect a few of my interests and experiences in developing specific applications and do not attempt to provide either complete surveys or plumb the full depth of the topic areas being addressed. I hope that they intrigue you so you can share my enthusiasm for what I have worked on in the past and for the challenges yet to come. More ...

Managing Workflow for Big Data

Most of the blog threads that I see about the implementation of Big Data systems concentrate on the algorithms employed or (more often and more opinionated) on the relative merits of the platforms that are most commonly used to toss petabytes about.

Here I focus on the overall architecture and implementation of a (relatively small) big data system and, in particular, how its unusually complex workflow is managed. More ...

Two Choice Scenarios

Making decisions in uncertain circumstances is an everyday occurrence; Their study ranges across the study of intelligence, natural and artificial. This article explores two idealized problems of making a series of sequential choices to achieve a goal. The correspondence to the real-world is a bit rough and contrived but the solutions are surprising.

Our exploration will illustrate some modes of attack which mathematicians use by applying some heuristics. More ...